Word, the Musical (and some _Hamilton_ stuff)

Every region has its own dialects, slang, and problems. But every region has hiphop.

Every region has good kids who are labeled “bad,” failing schools, and struggling teachers. And every region has hiphop.

We can tell the same story, but in our own way. My vision for this hiphop musical is that different regions put on their own versions of the same script. In the script, I note the information that should be in the lyrics so that the story fits together and the characters remain consistent, but everything else is open. Instead of following the script word for word, the actors of Word, the Musical are asked to say their lines in their own way. The production of Word in Baltimore should sound wonderfully different than the production of Word in Seattle.

I’d like to find some producers to make some music, some baseline beats that producers in other regions can incorporate into their own productions. This is our orchestra. Imagine a single producer on stage, beat boxing or playing a violin or using their keyboard or tapping out the rhythms on a snare, with a loop pedal, making all the music.