My Logo

I get a lot of questions about my logo. Some people point out that it looks like Kurt Vonnegut’s asshole doodle at the beginning of Breakfast of Champions. While I’m honored to think anything I have done is ever mentioned in the same sentence as Kurt Vonnegut (or his asshole), I was unaware of his drawing when I made mine.

My first attempt at using social media to create interest in grammar was a YouTube series called “F**k Grammar.” In it, I tried using swearing and other vulgarity to try to make grammar, and particularly sentence diagramming, interesting. There was maybe too much discussion of sex! The project failed. I have no regrets. As far as mid-life crises go, it was a cheap one.

My logo is a combination of the asterisk we use in place of letters when we don’t want to spell out entire swear words, as in “F**k,” and a sentence-diagram shape of a sentence with a prepositional phrase.

While I am now mostly on Tiktok, I’m looking forward to creating a new YouTube series with swearing and sentence diagramming again in the fall of 2021, hoping to use what I have learned from my previous YouTube failure and current Tiktok success. We’ll see how it goes!