In Trouble

My goal is to only teach grammar concepts that help you write better.

The workbook contains fifty-two sentence-diagramming lessons in the form of an adventure story. The first chapter’s sentences are only two words long: we start at the basics.

Each chapter of the story makes up the lesson’s example sentences to diagram. Diagramming looks amazing and intimidating, but really, it’s a hands-on approach to grammar. Diagramming a sentence is like solving a puzzle.

By the time you finish the last lesson, you will understand the parts of a sentence in such a fundamental way that the correct punctuation will seem easy. Mysteries will be revealed!

The plan is to get some art for this book, but that costs money. Once I spend money on it, I’ll put it on Amazon and charge for it. At the moment, though, it’s free! Some fonts and spacing went weird when I moved it from Word to Pages, but the information is still all good.

Download it here! In Trouble with answer key

Story-Based Grammar Workbook