Episode 9: cojuncs joining clauses

WARNING: These sentences are starting to look intimidating! Don’t let them fuck with you. Stand up for yourself. You got this. I believe in you.

And if they beat your ass like a mom in a WalMart, just go back and do the exercises in the previous lessons before trying these again. If you did those lessons already, write me, and I’ll see about getting you more sentences to practice with.

Write the sentence, try to see how the parts fit together, punctuate, then diagram. Go back and adjust the punctuation if necessary. Then check your answer by clicking on the sentence.

  1. The sex store was clean and bright. 
  2. It was my first time and I was nervous.
  3. A pleasant young woman greeted me and asked a question.
  4. I blushed but I answered her. 
  5. My partner and I wanted butt toys.
  6. The store’s display had plugs beads wands and massagers but some toys were huge!  
  7. I wanted a small toy so I chose a little pink one and took a closer look. 
  8. The saleswoman listed the pros explained the cons and recommended it. 
  9. I was hot and bothered but I hid it.
  10. I bought the toy and the cute saleswoman winked and wrote her number.