Episode 8- cojuncs joining phrases

To get the most out of these exercises, rewrite each sentence, punctuate as necessary, and then diagram. Some of these sentences just join words, one has two subjects AND two direct objects, most join phrases, and one has a verb that is made of two words. Enjoy the puzzles! It’s starting to get interesting!

Click the sentence to see how to punctuate and diagram each sentence.

  1. The gas station was dark and dirty.
  2. My friend and I bought two Cokes and some dick pills. 
  3. I swallowed a pill and drank my Coke. 
  4. My friend watched me and asked a question.
  5. I ignored her and drove the car. 
  6. The road was long and winding. 
  7. Something else was long.  (note: “else” is an adjective- weird syntax!) 
  8. My need was growing.  (careful here!)
  9. I parked the car and asked a question.
  10. She ignored me took the wheel and left me.