Episode 7: the Cojuncs

The sentences below don’t have commas: some sentences need a comma or two to be correct, but others don’t. I suggest you rewrite the sentences before you diagram them. The more you practice writing sentences where you understand what every word is, the better you’ll be at writing your own sentences. Remember, diagramming helps you understand what the sentence is made of, but it’s the WRITING that really matters.

Click on the sentence to see how to punctuate and diagram it.

  1. My boyfriend and I needed a date. 
  2. He was strong and handsome. 
  3. I was pretty smart and sexy. 
  4. My mom and dad had questions. 
  5. We listened and answered them.
  6. We lied lied and lied. 
  7. We borrowed their car keys and some money.
  8. I grabbed his sexy butt and chiseled abs.
  9. We kissed touched and fucked.
  10. Side roads and empty lots are good dates!