Episode 5 practice: direct objets

Click on the sentence to see how diagram each sentence. I suggest that you write the sentence down before you diagram it, thinking of how each word will fit into the diagram as you write them. By doing this here, you’ll start developing an understanding of your own sentences as you write them. If this means anything to you, “Wax on. Wax off.” (That’s from the original Karate Kid.)

  1. My boyfriend has a flat stomach.
  2. I can see his abs.    (“can see” is one verb)
  3. His muscles are hot.  (“hot” is an adjective- no d.o. here)
  4. He is kind.   (“kind” is an adjective- no d.o. here)
  5. He washes our dishes.
  6. My sweet man watches romcoms.
  7. He vacuums the carpets.
  8. I love him.
  9. He earned his reward.
  10. I want his sex.