Episode 21: Semicolons!

Hope you enjoy the story! I suggest you write each sentence out, punctuate it, and diagram it before clicking on the sentence to see how it’s done. The more you write and think about the sentence structure, the easier it will be for you to write your own flawless sentences.

  1. I needed cheap rent; fortunately, I found a house with two housemates. 
  2. They were beautiful people; however, I was too busy for romance. 
  3. I had a goal; therefore, I didn’t have time for relationships or sex. 
  4. Casual sex was inefficient; instead; I masturbated often.
  5. I was a little lonely; nonetheless, I stuck with my plan. 
  6. One night, the housemates brought a date home; eventually, they had loud sex. 
  7. In the morning, they sat with me at breakfast; indeed, we had a nice talk. 
  8. I was jealous; furthermore, I was horny. 
  9. I made some sexy comment; immediately, I regretted it.
  10. They smiled; later, they knocked on my door: they were completely naked.