Episode 20: last of the appositives

Hope you enjoy the story! I have omitted the commas and colons. Write out the sentences and punctuate as you go, imagining how you’d diagram it. Then diagram! Click on each sentence to see it punctuated and diagrammed correctly.

  1. My neighbors Ricky and Scott heard about my upcoming birthday.
  2. In their backyard they had a pool it was their pride and joy. 
  3. I loved their pool an inground beauty
  4. I snuck a peek over there occasionally I was shameless. 
  5. They were careful but I saw clues about something exciting swinger parties. 
  6. My life a dull mess needed a change. 
  7. I was fascinated with their lives their glittering existence on the other side of our fence. 
  8. I gathered my courage and asked Scott the more-talkative one about their parties. 
  9. He handed me a beer and before I knew it we were making a list a sex-party how-to guide.
  10. We had a great party and I proved something to myself I am a powerful slut.