Episode 19: more on colons: the appositive

I finish the story began in Episode 19! The sentences below use both kinds of colons: the ones that join clauses AND the ones that create an appositive. I also removed the commas. To continue improving your writing skills, rewrite each sentence with the correct punctuation, then diagram. Click on the sentence to see if you did it correctly!

Once you’re done here, head back to the YouTube comments and use some colons as you continue the story or rewrite your own ending!

  1. In the other box she found another vibrator the We-Vibe Rabbit. 
  2. Then he kissed her it was a tender kiss.
  3. She pressed herself against his body his chest and his mouth.
  4. He shifted behind her and kissed her second-favorite spot her neck.
  5. He pulled a blanket around them and gave her another gift his hands in her pants.
  6. Then as he kissed her neck he pulled one of the gifts from its box the Hitachi.
  7. He turned it on and pressed it to a sexy part the back of her neck. 
  8. He traced the Hitachi down her back she signed happily. 
  9. He moved the Hitachi around to her breasts she giggled and pulled it lower.
  10. She pressed his gift between her legs as she realized something this relationship might work.