Episode 18- the colon as conjunction

All ten sentences are missing the colon as a conjunction between clauses. Along with adding any necessary commas, add the colon where it belongs: that’s the easy part! It’s the rest of the sentence that is going to be a fun challenge. Enjoy! Click each sentence to see how to correctly punctuate and diagram each one.

  1. My sister needed my help she had an extra shift at the hospital. 
  2. She wanted a babysitter her son would be home alone for the night.
  3. I was available I was unemployed and living in her basement. 
  4. I went upstairs and knocked on the door my sister won’t give me a key. 
  5. The curtain moved aside I saw my nephew.
  6. He’s a little fucker his father was an asshole and his mom is busy. 
  7. I was sorry for the little guy I smiled at him.
  8. He shook his head he kind of hated me.  (“kind of” is one adverb)
  9. He wouldn’t unlock the door until I agreed to something he put a piece of paper to the window.
  10. He had written one sentence “We are going to a strip club.”