Episode 17: Indirect Objects!

About HALF the sentences below have an indirect object! Careful! I hope you enjoying solving these diagramming puzzles. I’ve almost everything from the previous lessons to help you review your skills.

I suggest that you write out each sentence, punctuate correctly, then diagram. Click each sentence to see it punctuated and diagrammed.

  1. His girlfriend ordered herself a gift. 
  2. When it arrived she gave it to him.
  3. He thanked her with a kiss.
  4. She had surprised him with it. 
  5. After a moment he opened it in front of her. 
  6. As a free gift the company had sent him some lube too. 
  7. He gave her a nervous smile but his girlfriend was grinning. 
  8. She wanted him in the bedroom. 
  9. He gave himself a moment to prepare. 
  10. Then he granted her her secret wishes. (Perfectly correct, but funny with those two “her”s next to each other! I’d revise if I were to find myself writing this!)