Episode 16: Prep Phrases as Adjectives

In the second episode about the prepositions, we explore how the prepositional phrases can function as adjectives. Things can start looking confusing, so a little practice writing, punctuating, and diagramming these sentences will do you a lot of good!

Click on the sentence to see how to punctuate and diagram each one.

  1. The lifeguard closed the trunk of her car and looked around. 
  2. The day in the middle of summer was nice.
  3. The parking lot was packed with cars from various states.
  4. She worked at the only nude beach in the area around the city. 
  5. The work was a mix between lifeguard and bouncer.
  6. Sometimes she pulled people from the water near her station. 
  7. At other times she kicked sick motherfuckers in the balls as part of her job. 
  8. She walked onto the beach towards her perch on the lifeguard station.
  9. People were pointing at something beyond her sight and she knew. 
  10. She laughed to herself because her day was starting with a kick to the balls.