Episode 15- Prepositions!

In this first episode on the prepositions, we learn about the prepositional phrases that function as adverbs. If you can understand how the prep phrases work, you are well on your way to understanding all the basics, all the bases, and are ready to go all the way….

To work on your own writing skills, rewrite the sentences below as you think about how each word will fit the diagram. Punctuate the sentences as necessary. Click the sentence to see how I punctuated and diagramed it.

  1. He was new to this theater.
  2. When he walked in heads turned in his direction. 
  3. Like most dancers he had a nice build. 
  4. His butt was tighter than the other dancers and everyone noticed. 
  5. Heads turned toward him. 
  6. Eyes ran over his sexy frame. 
  7. He smiled and dimples appeared on his cheeks.
  8. He had them in his hand from the beginning. 
  9. He put his bag on the floor and looked around the theater. 
  10. Without a doubt he was home.