Episode 13: Adverbs that Modify Adjectives and Other Adverbs

As usual, write the sentence, punctuate it, and diagram it. Click the sentence to see if you did it all right!

  1. Jada’s parents were finally gone and she had plans.
  2. She called her college friends excitedly.
  3. The plans were already made and the responsibilities were previously handed out. 
  4. One friend had happily bought the beer.
  5. Another friend had very carefully stolen her father’s cigars.
  6. As her friends trickled in Jada started the jacuzzi. 
  7. Everyone got undressed and jumped in. 
  8. When everyone was there Jada raised a beer high and welcomed them warmly.
  9. They smoked the cigars drank the beers and invented ridiculously long lies. 
  10. Jada smiled comfortably and her friends smiled too.