Episode 12: Adverbs!

Some of the sentences below need a comma or two. I suggest you write out the sentence, punctuate as you go, and then diagram it. You may find that you find some errors with your commas once you’ve figured out the diagram! Click each sentence to see the correct punctuation and diagram of the sentence.

  1. Royce dropped the math textbook lower. 
  2. His girlfriend happily watched him.
  3. She had touched his inner thigh briefly and now he had a boner.
  4. He was pathetic but she really loved his discomfort. 
  5. Before he could solve the problem the bell rang loudly. 
  6. She stood up and brushed his sensitive thigh teasingly as she passed. 
  7. He grabbed his backpack and covered his groin awkwardly.
  8. His girlfriend was waiting patiently but he was embarrassed and angry. 
  9. She kissed him and promised some relief later. 
  10. Suddenly he smiled.