Episode 11: joining words, phrases, and clauses (with cojuncs AND subjuncs)

These examples use Episode 11 as a starting point, and then they get a little more interesting. If you’re confused, I could do a video lesson on joining phrases, words, and clauses (with both the cojuncs and the subjuncs). Use the first couple diagrams to get a sense of how this works, and I think you can do it! Let me know in the video comments if you could use more sentences, instruction, or examples.

Rewrite the sentences, punctuating as you go. Then diagram.

  1. Anthony dropped his hand and grinned. 
  2. His wife and their two friends moaned as he won the card game. 
  3. He laughed but he stopped when he saw their faces. 
  4. Because they were sad he had an idea.
  5. He approached his wife and started a new game as he kissed her. 
  6. The other couple was uncomfortable until his wife turned and kissed them. 
  7. Before they knew it everyone was naked and laughing. 
  8. They smiled as they entered the bedroom and discussed the rules.
  9. Once everyone was comfortable the kissing and the touching started. 
  10. Anthony grinned as he dropped his hands and his friends moaned.