Episode 10

Rewrite the five sentences, but SWITCH the clauses. If the sentence has the sub clause first, move it to the end of the sentence. If the dominant clause starts the sentence, move it behind the sub clause. Add a comma or remove a comma as necessary! Diagram the rewritten sentence.

Click the sentence to see it rewritten and diagrammed.

I’m only doing five because these sentences are getting long! I can point you to more sentences to rewrite and diagram if you’re interested.

(Don’t forget to SWITCH clauses!)

  1. She kissed me because I had washed the car. 
  2. I’d worn my tight cutoffs as I’d washed it. 
  3. Since the weather was warm, I’d been shirtless. 
  4. When she kissed me, her mouth lingered.
  5. She asked a question even though she could feel my answer.