About Me- 2021

I am a retired English teacher in Alaska. I spent five years working in Native Alaskan villages, then moved to Fairbanks with my wife. I spent the next fifteen years teaching English to everyone from 7th graders needing remedial work to seniors taking AP Literature. I prefer junior high students: I feel like my maturity level and theirs matches well.

I retired a few years ago, did a few semesters at UAF to learn more about film and music, then started a vulgar YouTube channel to teach grammar and sentence diagramming. It did not succeed. No regrets!

I then tried Tiktok, where my first video got a nod from the Tiktok algorithm, and I was off. The goal of my Tiktok platform is to reach more people about grammar: where it is important and where it is not.

I am not a linguist, a professor, or a professed expert in all things grammatical. But I am an expert in what most adults struggle to understand about writing, and I have years of experience helping people to feel more comfortable about their writing.

I am currently working on turning a workbook I wrote for my students into a self-published book, and I’m planning for a return to YouTube. Also, after watching too many shitty movies on Netflix, I’ll be writing a screenplay with the help of my Tiktok community about a girls’ hit squad against sexist behavior. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I have an idea for a hiphop grammar musical, but that is the very long game….