F***ing  grammar feels good.

This page is devoted to teaching grammar in a way that you enjoy so that you can write better for school or work, feel confident, and write your way into whatever future you want. 

Two places to go from here:

The YouTube channel teaches grammar concepts and writing tips. In a series of roughly fifty lessons, all the mysteries will be revealed. With raunchy humor, vulgar language, and inappropriate examples, this is grammar instruction no one has seen before.

As the first series wraps up, I have YouTube plans for a pop-song sentence diagram singalong, a public grammar booth, a steamy romance-novel grammar workshop, and a high-school musical about six misfit teens where all the song lyrics are hidden grammar examples. Think about supporting me on Patreon (link below) if you think that getting more young people writing well is a good idea.

Also, if you’re looking for clean and wholesome, I wrote a grammar workbook in the form of an adventure story aimed at 8th or 9th graders. This was back when I was an English teacher. It is meant as a companion to students who have received some instruction, but could also function as a stand-alone writing guide. The grammar workbook will be available as an illustrated book in the summer of 2020 for a price, but you can download the unillustrated rough draft for free as a pdf. Click this link to go to its page. My high-school students hated it, but some of them learned a lot!








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