I’m a Tiktok creator with five goals:

  1. promote the idea that “correct grammar” is full of shit- but we can use its power to undermine the racist, classist systems that it helps perpetuate (too much?!)
  2. turn my sentence-diagram workbook into something people can purchase
  3. create a YouTube channel that teaches sentence diagramming
  4. write a screenplay (working title “The Parts of Speech”: high school girl hit squad kicks sexist ass)
  5. produce a hip-hop musical idea I’ve had for forever…

Find me on Tiktok @grammaraf. Feel free to click on the menu bar to see how well these goals are progressing. As I write this, it is August 2021. I expect to have a book ready to order in a couple months (see the Kickstarter tab!), an active YouTube channel with significant content, and a screenplay in the works by Xmas.